The Sun is in your eyes ...

2009-03-18 / 03:35:35

You can tear me apart  
You can rip me to pieces  
Try breaking me down  
But I'll never be beated  
You can say that you won but I'll never believe it  
Cos I can't be defeated  
Made a mistake swore Ill never repeat it  
Lost my heart for a second but it never stopped beating  
I smile through the tears so the way that I see it  
I can't be defeated  

Tack Mr.J för en trevlig "roadtrip" , mer sånna tycker jag : )
Glöm inte de jag sa till dig  ....
DU är de viktigaste !

Jag finns här ....

// aiiDaH

♥ aiiDaH
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